• Justin L. Redman

Beware of the Zombies

Parasites will be responsible for the zombie apocalypse. They can live in any condition and force other living creatures to do things against their will.

Parasites are the scariest living creature on this planet. You can't see them and they grow and multiply at extremely fast rates. You only become aware of a parasite after some strange things happen to you.

In Zombieland patient zero was infected by eating a hamburger. Patient Zero was probably like me and ate his burger medium. I like the center of my burger to be a light pink. I'm more likely to get sick by bacteria over parasite but humor me for a moment.

What if the cow munched on some parasites, and those parasites need the cow's stomach to incubate their eggs? As the eggs are incubating, the cow is butchered and somehow the parasites are transferred to the meat. They are then frozen and shipped to my favorite burger joint. As the meat thaws the eggs hatch and contaminate my burger.

Of course I am not going to see this parasite nor will the chef. All I know is that this juicy burger is the best burger I ever ate. Next thing I know I am creating my own zombie horde.

This theory is not far fetched. Scientists are discovering things frozen in ice all of the time. Who knows what is frozen in Antarctica, The Arctic and Greenland? Also there are examples of parasites zombifying insects and other creatures across the globe.

No you are not tripping on acid, nor are you watching a Grateful Dead video. The snail you see is infected by a parasite.

The snail unwittingly ate the parasite's eggs. This parasite also requires a birds stomach to incubate and transport their eggs.

This snail is not known for vibrant colors, in fact it uses cover and concealment to hide from predators. However, this snail feasted on some eggs it found in bird droppings. Little did this snail know his delicious feast would lead to his demise.

The parasite has complete control of its host. It converted the the snail's antennas to look like eyeballs. The parasite is responsible for changing the snail's colors.

The snail usual color matches it surroundings. The parasite has a reason for changing colors. The parasite needs to be discovered.

The parasite will force the snail into the opening, where it will be seen by a bird.

The bird will fly over and eat the snail's "eyes." Then the cycle repeats.

The parasite uses the birds stomach to incubate their eggs and when the bird cleans the system, the eggs are expelled from the bird. These eggs are munched on by another snail and the cycle continues.

It's not just snails, see how parasites control ants and other insects in this video from National Geographic.

If parasites can control insects and other life forms what would stop them from controlling us? Where would such a parasite come from?

An unknown or recently discovered parasite could be lying dormant in the ice of Antartica or in the Arctic. All it would take is a scientist to find something in the ice and out of curiosity thaw it out. The scientist either infects herself or brings the parasite home and it escapes the lab, boom instant zombie apocalypse.

To all the scientists and mad scientists out there be careful on what you bring back to life. Nature does warn us about the power of parasites, and even though it is a cool phenomena, I don't want a parasite controlling my mind.

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